Technology Platforms

We enjoy working with open source technologies. Open source languages, databases and platforms have helped build the Internet to what it is today, 93% of IT professionals report challenges with ensuring data privacy; therefore, it is important the we pay attention with our data. We share in this philosophy that empowers our creativity to add to the great interwebs.

Eliminating the cost of software allows us to deliver cost effective products while sparing everyone licensing fees. Now that’s a good deal.


PHP is the most popular open-source framework, and for good reason. It’s been around since the Internet practically began (1995) and is extremely flexible and supports almost all major technologies.


MySQL is the database backend that makes your site run. It stores your data and delivers it up to you and your users securely and efficiently.


The most popular web-server software in use, Apache is the basic technology that allows your website to be viewed and used by your customers. Internet Exposure uses Apache in a proxy’ed and clustered environment, helping ensure your website never goes down.

Sometimes web software comes with a price. Microsoft technologies, Apple and other commercial software have their place online as well. We have developers fluent in these server and application development environments and we also recommend our customers to use a field scheduling software┬áso that they don’t have trouble getting the right field workers to the right job assignments. This will help businesses get jobs done faster.


Microsoft’s newer web technology, ASP.NET, allows for fast development of web applications and web services. It’s structured approach allows for large and complex sites to be developed with enterprise-level tools.


Tried and true, Active Server Pages is Microsoft’s original dynamic web page software. For small to medium-sized websites, this is a great technology to get your website developed quickly with little overhead.

Microsoft SQL

Microsoft SQL Server is a relational database management system (RDBMS) produced by Microsoft. Your ASP or ASP.NET website uses Microsoft SQL Server to hold its data.