Web Analytics

Statistics, rates, and percentages

Search Engine Traffic
Understanding your website traffic can bring immense amounts of information to your marketing efforts. It can also make your head spin. There are a variety of tools for measuring website traffic, but Google Analytics is a good starting point for understanding traffic trends.

Conversions and Leads
After we’ve established which goals you want to accomplish with your online marketing, we’ll use research to develop a plan to meet them. Whether you want to track contact forms, video downloads, or coupon redemptions, we’ll create a strategy that not only brings people to your website, but drives them to complete certain actions through interactive elements. Your website should be an interesting user experience for visitors and a lead generating tool for future sales.

Internet Marketing Research
For search engine marketing, keyword research is just the beginning. We’ll analyze where your competitors are at, your potential budget options for paid search marketing, and what content is most valuable for your potential customers. We constantly look for new opportunities and successful trends to share with our clients. For our online marketing projects, research isn’t just the beginning.

Custom Metrics Tools
There are a lot of great free tools that we use on a daily basis to measure website traffic and evaluate search engine rankings. But sometimes having your own web traffic tool can transform the way you connect with your visitors. We can design custom tracking tools that notify you of search terms that a visitor used to find your website, which pages they viewed most often, and how often they returned to your website. These small details can make a big difference in converting leads into customers